FSI Boat & Dock Foam Kits: A size and option for every project, every need.

Foam kit contentsFrom boat repair to dock repair and many other flotation uses, we have a foam kit that’s right for your needs.

Each 2-gallon and 5-gallon closed-cell polyurethane foam kit contains everything you need, including the “extras” you don’t get with other suppliers:

  • Container Part “A” (Isocyanate)
  • Container Part “B” (Polyol Blend)
  • Drill Mixing Blade – included at no extra charge!
  • Stir Stick – included at no extra charge!
  • Chemical Resistant Gloves – included at no extra charge!
  • Mixing Instructions

10-gallon kits include the A and B components only (Accessory Kit sold separately).

Density refers to the approximate weight of a 1’ x 1’ x 1’ cube of fully cured foam (2 or 4 pounds). Higher density foams typically do not expand as much as lower density foams, resulting in a more dense and heavier foam. This also means that higher density foams typically produce less yield than lower density foams.

Note: All kit volumes listed refer to the combined total of the A and B components. For instance, a 2-gallon kit includes one gallon of A and one gallon of B. For larger quantities such as drum and tote sets, as well as other custom solutions, just contact us.