Boat & Dock Foam Kits – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted (subject to a 15% re-stocking fee) ONLY if the bottles have not been opened, are not damaged and are returned in the original box within 30 days of the order date. Buyer is responsible for return shipping, and shipping charges on the original order will not be refunded.

What makes your Boat & Dock Foam “green”?

FSI Boat & Dock Foam is environmentally benign, meaning it doesn’t contain any marine pollutants or other ingredients that harm the environment. Unlike some other polyurethane foams, it does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production.

Will fuel, oil or solvents harm the foam?

Because no pourable foam is 100% closed cell, it may absorb a small amount of fuel, oil or solvents, if constantly exposed to them. While our foam is resistant to an occasional splash, a strong solvent would eventually break the foam down over an extended period of time.

Can I paint over your Boat & Dock Foam?

Yes. While our closed cell polyurethane foam is over 95% closed cell, it is not 100% closed cell (nor is any closed cell PU foam, for that matter). So while it resists the absorption of water, it may absorb a small amount over time. Painting (or covering with fiberglass) will seal the foam and prevent any water absorption. This really isn’t necessary, though, unless the foam is constantly immersed in water. Also, our foam is not UV resistant, so it should be painted if it’s in direct sunlight.

How much Boat & Dock Foam do I need to fill a 55-gallon drum?

A typical 55-gallon drum measuring 35" high by 24" in diameter has a volume of about 9 cubic feet. So our 2-gallon 2lb density foam kit (with a yield of about 8 cubic feet) will fill a drum to within approximately 5 or 6 inches from the top. Our kit product pages include the approximate yields of each kit, in cubic feet, making it easy for you to choose the size and number of kits you need for your project.